About Us

America’s #1 Distributor of Cannabis Products

A Distribution Company

Our story

Since the farm bill was approved in late 2018, the ADC team has manufactured and distributed CBD, hemp, and alternative cannabinoid products. Over the past few years, we participated, invested, actively pioneered, and learned the ins and outs of cannabis.

Our Experience

We help retail partners navigate an emerging 3.5 billion dollar industry by providing the top products in the channel. ADC's management team is connected with industry leaders, and well versed with cannabis compliance, regulations, and marketing.

Community development through cannabis

Farmers | Retailers | Artisans | Entrepreneurs

We are heavily concentrated on making quality products that help people with everyday life

Our team is constantly researching, developing, and creating new quality products for cannabis lovers

A message from our founder

I’ve been a cannabis user for over 20 years, born and raised on Vancouver Island, I became an enthusiast of the whole process, from growing the plant, to dabbling with the different consumption methods, and now to sharing this beautiful plant with the world.

We are once again in the roaring 20’s, but this time, cannabis is here to stay.

Michael Rich, ADC Founder